Tuesday, March 8, 2016

So there was this one time that...

Hello everyone!

This week was really good! We did  a lot of stuff and it was great!  On Monday, as you all know, we went fishing! And then the rest of the day was just resting and gutting fish. It was great!

On Tuesday, we went and met with a man who stopped us one time while we were parking our bikes. He was really nice and speaks really good English! He wants to make friends with gaijin and so he really wants to meet with us. We asked if he wanted to learn about the church, and he said that would be ok. He is really nice and fun! That night we went home teaching with Niwa Kyodai and it was good! We went and visited Ando Kyodai and Ayabe Kyodai. Ando said that he was feeling a lot better. And he wants to make it to church next week. Haha funny guy. Ayabe wasn't home and so we left a note and his door was open, so we closed it.

Then on Wednesday, we had our usual, went to Japanese class and it was great! Me and my teacher talked about family history and how it is important in the church and I gave her a My Family booklet. She thought that was really cool and since we had talked about doing it, she had brought things from her family history. She had a book of photos that her mom had taken from all around the world. It was really cool! And she had a lot of watercolor paintings that her grandpa did in letters and postcards. He would draw a little picture of a building where he was at the time. It was really neat and he was a great artist. Then we told stories about our family, she talked about how her grandfather was in World War II and how he lived in Korea during that time because Japan was occupying it. Because of that, her mother was born there and she has a Korean first name. Then she talked about how they had to move to Japan after the war ended and showed me her grandma's booklet of poems about that time. She was really struggling when they came to Japan and everyone was really poor. I thought that was really cool to see how much the people over here had their lives affected because of the war just like we did.

Then later we had eikaiwa (English class) and of course it was great! We had lots of fun in kids eikaiwa of course and then in normal eikaiwa, we had a great time and everyone seemed to have a lot of fun.

Then on Thursday, we ate sushi for lunch! It was great! Then we had an interview for one of the Shimai's investigators, Fang Fang. It was great! Ishii Kaicho (Mission president) came and did the interview and so we got to talk to Ishii Shimai while he did the interview. It was fun to talk to her a lot. She is really funny.

Then on Friday was DTM! We talked about personal study time and I got to talk about scripture study. It was fun and we had other people doing different topics. Then we went to McDonald's and ate and it was a good time.

On Saturday was transfer calls! I was really anxious, I can't think of another word, and so naturally we struggled a little bit with actually studying during that time like we are supposed to. And then
after that we went and had Yakiniku King! It was great! We ate a ton and it was delicious! But yeah, that was Saturday!

Sunday was fast Sunday, and the last Sunday of the transfer, and a baptism, so it was pretty busy. We didn't have to do much, it just felt a little hectic at times. Then at night we did a few totsuzen
visits and then had dinner at the Imai's house. And it was great because the Shimai were having trouble with trying to ship their luggage and so Imai Shimai was like, "what you didn't get it shipped?
Give me your phone." Then she called seino and the guy on the phone was having trouble with this and she was like, "you guys do this every six weeks for the missionaries! Why can't you figure this out?" And so now the truck is going to come and the stuff can get shipped. It was awesome.

But then this morning, we went to the Sister's apartment to get their stuff because it was too late to put in a new order and so the truck is only coming to our apartment. So we went and got all of
Sister Thompson's stuff and we will be shipping that with mine, but hers is going to Toyama and mine is not. So we went over and got it and we helped her pack up her bike to ship. Sisters are so lucky, they get to ship their bikes. Elders have to take it with them on the train. AHHH! But it's ok.

But today we have really no plans until six. And we don't have to go shopping or anything so we are just going to rest...ah yeah. But I am looking forward to next transfer, and Elder Hansen seems like he is pretty cool. So it should be good. Good transfer in Fuji. Well it sounds cool at least.

I hope you all had a great week and will have an even better on next week!

In case some of you didn't get it...I'M GOING TO FUJI! This is going to be way awesome, I'm so excited and I hear my new companion, Elder Hansen, is a total beast! Can't wait , but I still want to stay in Gifu! I'm torn but with good emotions.

My goodbye cake from the Imai family!

Our yogenkai, prophecy meeting, board for transfers.

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