Tuesday, March 15, 2016

When you go to a place with a famous mountain...you only get to see it once.

Mina san, konnichiwa!

   This week was great! But it seems way longer than a week! My new companion is super cool! His name is Elder Hansen and he is half Japanese. He loves Pokemon and singing. It is really fun to be with him!

   On Monday, I was still in Gifu with Elder Bunch and we went to all the places that I wanted to and then had dinner at the Shimizu's house. It was fun and sad to go places, but that's ok, because I was
looking forward to Fuji!

   Then on Tuesday, it was transfer day! We (all the missionaries that are transferring) went to the Nagoya main eki and meet at the "golden clock" and it was awesome to see everyone again! After hanging out there for a while (because we had to wait for people who were traveling far) we all said our goodbyes and then left with our new companions. It was really fun, our entire zone travelled with us because we all take the same train. I think that was really great! So after a while, it ended up being only us, the Fuji Shimai (Uchimura Shimai and Wynn Shimai), and the Numazu Elders (Elder Tallent and Elder Baur), on the train and we were getting sick of it. It was a long ride and we had our bikes and it was hot in there. Then we were the next stop and said goodbye to Numazu and then we were in our area! We then walked home and dropped off my stuff, like my "carry on" suitcase and some other things I had (like shoes in my backpack). Then we went shopping for food and got a call from the shipping company that my other stuff had arrived, we just told them to leave it on the doorstep because we were almost done at the store and it was not very far. Then we got all the stuff and put it away and it was time to be home anyway and so we planned and got ready for bed.

   Wednesday, we went to visit a bunch of people that Elder Hansen and Elder Delis (the guy I replaced in Fuji) had talked to and given a Book of Mormon. And we asked them if they were interested, at least that was the plan. Most of them weren't home so we did not ask the question. Then we had our weekly planning session and went to the church to sync our iPads so we had all the same stuff in our schedule. That took the whole day planning and visiting people. But it was fun, I got to see a lot of people and a lot of the Fuji area. And then that night, we went to the Kawamura house and had dinner and a Mogi lesson. It was really fun and I found out that they are the parents of one of
the people I met in the MTC. He wasn't my teacher, but he was a substitute that we had a few times. So that was fun.

   On Thursday, we went and visited more people and then at night we had eikaiwa! It was real different from Gifu, there is only one class and no kids eikaiwa and not many people come. But the people who were there were really fun! We talked about emotions and Elder Hansen became the subject in most of our sentences. (That was mostly my fault, my word was sad and I said, "Elder Hansen makes me sad." And everyone had a  great big laugh at that and then the next girl had
frustrated for her word and said, "Elder Hansen makes me frustrated." And that is how the rest of our eikaiwa sentences went. But only with the bad ones.

   Then on Friday, we went to the church and I taught Elder Hansen how to use the FamilySearch website and how to look up ancestors. He had at least the name of up to his great grandparents that he knew, so we were able to find their records and link them on his family tree. On his mom's side, it was really empty and only went to his grandparents and only had two out of the four there. So he was excited that we were able to find some things and we found that one of his great grandparents had a duplicate and then one of them had information on his parents. So eventually, we were able to find all of his great great grandparents. Then we went out and visited more of the people that he had recently talked to. Then, that night, one of the people that we were going to visit the next day texted us and asked if we wanted to play basketball with him tomorrow. So we were like, "yeah, sick bro! Let's do it!" And we went to visit a guy named Philipe and asked if he had a chance to read the Book of Mormon that we gave him. He said that he couldn't put it down, he even brought it to school and he knows that it is the word of God. Then we ran into the problem (just like always happens when things are going great) his grandma came to the door and asked who we are, and Philipe explained to her in Portuguese (because they are Brazilian) and she said that he already has a church so he is not interested. We were sad, but there wasn't anything to do about it right then.

   So then on Saturday, we wore normal clothes and went over to Mirai's house and we met his mom, and she was excited and wants us to teach her and her son about the gospel and about God. And we went and played basketball with Mirai's and one of his buddies and it was really fun, then we also had a soccer ball and we played soccer. It turns out I am kind of decent at soccer. Go figure. Then, since we had brought the soccer ball, and Philipe lived right by the park, we felt like we should go and ask if he wanted to play soccer with us at the park. So went and asked and unfortunately, he was at  school. So next time, we will get him outside so we can talk and also we will get to play soccer again. Then we went home and changed into our usual clothes and then went and visited some other people. And then that night we went out with a member and visited some people who are less active. It is awesome having someone do that with us because that is how we find out about most of the less active members in the ward.

   Then in Sunday, I got to meet all the ward members and it was fun, we had a good service for sacrament meeting and they talked about family services. We had shokujikai after and so, of course, that was great. As always it was full of the women in the ward telling the Elders to eat more and us using the excuse that we would get fat or that we already got fat.  Then we went and visited one of our investigators, Yoshimura San and gave him a scripture reading calendar that me and Elder Hansen made for him. Then we talked to people on his street until it was time to go home.

   The only bad thing this week was that it rained so much that we could only see Fuji once and only for a little bit. But that's ok, I will be here for at least six weeks! Haha!

   I hope you have a great week and have tons of fun! Look forward for next week, I might have a picture of Fuji! Haha


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