Tuesday, May 16, 2017

We Are All Monkey Chickens. . .

Well, first off, Happy Mother's Day! What a great holiday. Many families across the world are celebrating their mothers in different ways. And in most countries of the world, one tradition stays the same. The missionaries call or skype home, they say something along the lines of "Hey, what's up?", and then the mother starts to cry. 

Anyway, let me tell you how I prepared this week for the day that is Mother's Day. First, on Monday, we went and had Kebabs. They were rather good. Then that night we were supposed to go to the Watanabe house to do an FHE. Well we were struggling finding a tachiai (teaching helper) and were trying really hard to make it there on time as well. Well, when we were almost there and I was calling Janet Shimai to tell her that we would be late, that was when she decided to tell me that that afternoon something had come up and she had cancelled the appointment. She just forgot to tell the people that she had the appointment with. Fun. So we went and did plan B: knock on doors and go on a hunt for some members that supposedly live around here. It was good. 

Then on Tuesday, we decided that we had time to go and try to visit these people that Elder Mendoza knows from before his mission. They don't live in our area, but we got permission to go, because they don't want to talk to other people, just him. So when he tried to just send the missionaries of that area before, the people just said that Elder Mendoza should come. So anyway, we went. And they weren't there. It was a good journey though. I found at their house a four leaf clover! And then when I was just looking some more whilst Elder Mendoza wrote them a note, I found a five leaf clover! It was crazy. So I think I might be super lucky now. Haha. Then that day we found some Dr. Pepper. So the luck worked. 

So on Wednesday, we had to do some office type work. But then we got to go see our friend Rei. He is super great and he is working really hard to try and get baptized. He is working right now to obey the Word of Wisdom. He is super awesome. Then we went to the church and had a lesson with Hiro and Haruki. It was way good. We got to talk about a lot of stuff, but mostly just about what kind of person God is. Then we had eikaiwa and the other Elders had an appointment come up and the Sisters are both Japanese, so we had to teach both classes by ourselves. But then Brother Inagi came (he is one of the guys that wrote the TOEIC book that we teach from) and our friend Sarah came as well. So they helped us teach. 

Then on Thursday, we realized that we were out of laundry detergent and also were on our last set of clothes, so we got to do some non pday shopping. (^^) then we did some weekly planning and were chock full of appointments that night. We met with Konal, who we then realized he doesn't have interest at all in the gospel and just meets with us cause he is nice. So we are going to stop teaching him. Still will probably go hang out every once in a while though. Then right after (actually overlapping) we had a lesson with Junpei, we read the Star Wars script and then read 1 Nephi 2. It was way good and we got to talk a little about commandments. Then we went out to eat with Brother Choi. This was probably the last week we will get to meet with him, so we were way happy. He is going to go back to Korea. We went to Katsu Explosion and it was way good. 

Then on Friday we had an awesome DTM. I was really grateful for Elder Yamazaki. I was really feeling weird that day and was not really feeling like being a missionary, but then we got there and he asked me to play the piano for prelude and that really let me ponder while listening to music that has such a great message. And then the DTM really hyped me up for dendo. Then we had a lesson with Hattori and we asked him why we meet and it turns out to be just what we thought. He just wants to talk. So we decided that we shouldn't really meet with him that much anymore either. So that was fun. Then we got a call from our beloved Elder Ence (the AP himself) and he told us to go to this takoyaki party for some English speaking thing. Well we went and realized it was at a college, so that was the first slightly weird thing. Then we looked at the email we got from the person and realized that it was a girl. And so we looked at each other and said that if this was a girls club, we are going to have kill Ence. (^-^) Anyway, it was ok and there were a lot of guys there too. And it was so weird. We were just hanging out at a college party and it was so fun...and it was still dendo! We got to give out a lot of eikaiwa and there were some people that were interested in the gospel. Unfortunately they were girls. So since comping to Gokiso, I have gotten to give a lot of referral to the Sisters. Anyway that was a really fun night. 

Then on Saturday, we were going to have a Ward BBQ, but then it got rained out. So we had an okonomiyaki (Japanese savory pancake) party instead. And only one investigator showed up. So it was fun. But a little awkward. That party lasted forever still so we ended up staying at the church until our appointment that night. Which was way fun. And it was Elder Mendoza's birthday and we told the members that we were visiting and they happened to have number candles and they put it on the dessert that she had made. It was perfect because he randomly decided to go to the bathroom and so we were able to set up and all. 

Then on Sunday we just had normal church and Elder Mendoza got to skype home and it was fun. Also we finished weekly planning. It was really good. Thats just about it. 

Well, I hope that you had a great week and stuff. 

Elder Richardson

Look to see something wrong with this.

We found this . . . in Japan.

The birthday boy

Kawahara FHE

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