Monday, May 22, 2017


Well, this week went by rather quickly. I will only give the highlights. 

First, we have been going to this English Club at the Local Institute of Technology and it has been really fun. And there are actually a lot of people there that have some interest in the gospel. One in particular, his name is Tomohiro, has been able to meet with us a lot and he is pretty interested in what we believe. It is way fun. And he is a total bro. We went out to ramen with him and he asked us lots of questions about the Church and the Book of Mormon and all of that stuff. And it was really a good time. He also came to ping pong night at the church and when we were going to go he asked if he could see the chapel. It was way good. 

Also, I lost in Shogi to Elder Yamazaki. (>_<)

Another thing that happened was that we haven't been able to meet with Rei, so we called him and asked how he was doing. And he is doing great and can see that God is helping him as he prays and follows the commandments. Then he asked if we could pray over the phone and it was really great. He is working really hard to follow all the commandments and he is really looking to baptism. 

Another thing that happened was that Elder Oaks (one of the Apostles) came to Japan and he gave a really awesome devotional. He talked about how the Lord will always help us learn things that we need to know through our trial. It was really a great night. Also his wife dendoed in Sapporo, so she bore her testimony in Japanese. It was super awesome. 

That is really all of the main things that happened this week. I probably left something out, so if you know about it, you can ask me and I will tell you about it, but if not, you will have to just wonder. 

Well, I hope you have a good week. And stuff. 

Elder Richardson

A promise to my sister.
A window into Elder Kojima's mind
We were having fun with crows
We double taught Gospel Principles

We finally went to celebrate Mendoza's birthday

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