Monday, February 27, 2017

Porcupines, Pandas, and Pangolins

       Well this week was really fast. We did a lot of fun stuff and had a lot of appointments with members. Especially yesterday. We had a lot of places that we needed to go and didn't really have to ever plan what we were going to do.

        One of the fun things that we did this week was going to the eki and playing the guitar on Tuesday. At the beginning of the week I had a cold, and it was cold, so singing for a couple of hours in the wind made me lose my voice. It was a weird experience not really being able to talk when that's really all we do all day every day.

        Then another thing that we did was of course eikaiwa. The eikaiwa here is really fun and there are a lot of people that are really good. And some new people came! So that was really fun. After eikaiwa, one of the people that came wanted to take pictures with us. #Japan So we took a lot of pictures with her. Some of them will be included.

        Then on Thursday, we had signed up to talk about eikaiwa on the radio. It was really hard, but fun. Elder Otsu said that he wished that I had talked more, but my throat hurt and I didn't understand
what the guy was saying...they talk a lot different on the radio than in a normal conversation.

        Also we got to have a ping pong night on Friday night. I was reminded once again how bad I am at ping pong. I can hold my own against missionaries, but not the people that come to ping pong activities. Because they actually like it.

        Then on Saturday, we got to finally have our first lesson with a non-member! We went to teach her daughter English, but then we still got to talk about God and prophets.  It was really good and she had some good interest in the message.

        We also were able to find some people through calling all the people in our phone and the other Elders gave us all their investigators that need someone that speaks English for the lessons, and so now we have people to focus on! We are really excited.

        We also have been teaching all the members about member missionary work and the ward is going crazy with it! Ichinomiya is awesome.

        Also last night we had an awesome FHE with the Ward Mission Leader and it was super fun. His wife is also a really good cook. We were all really full at the end and biking home was not the most fun thing in the world.

        Anyway, I hope that you all had a great week and that your hair is really cool.

Elder Richardson

 Pictures (what you all really look at)
1-3. After Eikaiwa with Chiaki
4. DTM from Elder
5. *Bonus Pic*


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