Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Once Upon a Time. . .

Hello from Ichinomiya!

Well, as you know, I was transferred so I am now in a new place (well I have been here before multiple times) and with a new companion (Elder Whited). So this week was pretty fun. Last Monday was my last day in Nanao and I spent that night with my chums Mario and Nishikawa. Always a good time. Then on Tuesday morning I started my train rides. Luckily, it wasn't nearly as long as last time and I was able to get here in just under 6 hours.

Well the main things that happened this week were that and then on Saturday, there was a wedding reception and I actually knew one of the people that got married! He is from Gifu ward! So I saw a lot of members that I know and that was really fun. There will pretty much only be pictures of the reception because that was all that we really did other that update records and figure out what we are doing here.

Well, that happened and so we got to meet a lot of the members before Sunday and so now we really feel like we know this ward just after a week. It was pretty fun and we got to make and eat some good food.

I hope that you had and have a great week! Sorry this one was short, but we didn't get to do much!

Later then,
Elder Richardson
 1) Elder Whited, the bride and groom, and me
2) Everyone

3) Elder Kariya and Elder Otsu (The other Ichinomiya Elders) during set up

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