Monday, November 30, 2015


So this week was pretty awesome, we went on a koukan (companion exchange) with the zone leaders and I was area Senpai! Where you are the oldest in your area. I was the one who had to lead because I was the only guy who knew how to get places. It was really cool to realize that I know where stuff is. I like stuff.

Anyway, on the koukan, me and Hall Choro, one of the zone leaders, pulled a hat trick! We found three investigators in a row! Like we topped three guys one by one and they all became investigators! Pretty great. Today for p-day, we had a district activity where we hiked up to Gifu jo, castle, and it as great! But yeah it was cool.

We have been really blessed because of our efforts to talk to everyone we meet. Life is great and life is fun. I feel like I can understand pretty much everything everyone says to me. Also, when we at Gifu jo, we were interviewed for a program about Japanese tourism on tv. It should air in February. Pretty cool. But it was super awkward. Then later the tv guys approached me and asked permission to talk to the sisters that were with us. First question, why am I in charge? Second, why would I care?
Anyway it was pretty funny and u gave permission and they were all interviews too.

There have been so many Christmas things going on in Gifu. There was a performance in the eki, train station, and then when we were coming back from our activity, a Korean lady was singing Christmas songs in English then Korean them Japanese. So cool. It has gotten cold here. Not any snow, just lots of cold. No rain really either.

Well, I hope they you are all doing well and that you have a good time this week.

Peace out homies!


P.S.  The primary program was yesterday and Mom you never have to worry about yours again, this one was a disaster. It was really good, but you could tell that the Primary President was really worried. Everyone loved it though. If you think your primary kids are rowdy, you need to come over here. Hahaha

A little bit of Japan for you.

Triple missionaries!

At the Christmas celebration.

Cup muffins for Thanksgiving

Music from the Christmas concert

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