Monday, November 23, 2015


So this week we did lots of stuff, the thing that stood out was definitely the cookies though. They were fantastic.  (Dante made chocolate chip cookies.) We also used them as a lesson, so for example, if you were to teach the gospel and talk about repentance, and you never mention the sacrament, then the person will never really repent. It is like cookies without eggs. They still taste like cookies, kind of look like them, but they are definitely not cookies. So yeah. 

Anyway, this week we met our progressing investigators that just moved from Ichinomia to Gifu. They are great, although they are struggling with faith. They are what you might call eternal investigators. They've been investigators for about seven years. So yeah, they are going to be some work. They really weren't progressing, but they started to really move forward a few months ago. They were dropped once before, then decided to start keeping their commitments and now they are really close to baptism. They just need to realize they have faith and then act on it, they were really nice too.

We hiked to Gifu castle on Saturday with the young men and it was great! I learned a lot and the hike was fun too. I got to practice the tiny bit of Chinese we learned for fun in the MTC on some Chinese people who also spoke Japanese. It was a great conversation. They were fun and loved hearing both languages from a gaijin. 
There's a Chinese restaurant here that if you order in Chinese, you get a discount.  So I've been practicing. Haha.
I tried a new sushi roll this week it was called the hello kitty roll, it was a limited time roll because hello kitty has a special thing this week or something, it was pink and so good. 
We had a big storm on last Sunday to Wednesday too. It rained so much that we had to walk places rather than bike, which is apparently a rare occurrence. 
Anyway, life is hard but life is good. We had a koukan last week on Thursday, an exchange, I went to Ogaki and it was really weird, I liked coming back to Gifu. I know where things are here. I can find my way around pretty much the whole state. Which is about the size of West Valley. 
 Everyone here is getting ready for Christmas. There are about three houses in our whole area with lights, probably two Christmas trees total, and Daiso (the dollar store) has Santa suits for sale. Yep definitely feels like normal Christmas...

I got to speak in church yesterday. It was great, me and Thompson Shimai both did. We had the same topic, introduce yourself and bear your testimony. Pretty great. 

I hope that you are all doing well and that you take time to buy, and eat, Costco muffins. 


Samurai at the Gifu Castle

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