Monday, May 23, 2016

When at first you don't succeed. . .

Stop. Just stop right now. Succeed.

Beloved peoples... What's up!?!?!

This week was fantastically short! But that is also really sad because it is now the end of the transfer and a little bird told us pretty much that Elder Hansen is transferring. (Insert tear here). But that's
ok, because we will party it up before that time!!! Haha! Let's starting off with a couple of highlights!

        On Monday, we had an appointment that night and it was going to be awesome...until we realized that he appointment was for the next week! Bwahahaha!  And then our other appointment fell through so we had a lot of naturally we prayed and asked for a miracle and where
to go. And Elder Hansen had the thought that was really weird to go to Mini Stop. Which is like a gas station with out the gas pumps... So we went and there was only one guy in front of it. So, of course, we talked to him... And it was a guy that Elder Hansen had met in the post office when I was mailing something!! So we gave him a Book of Mormon and set a next appointment!!!

        Then on Tuesday, it rained!!! So we biked really, really far and visited a member. But, we realized when she answered the door that it was the wrong member. Problem: we have two Sugiyama families in our ward and they are even related, but they don't live together. We were trying to visit the older one (the dad of the husband of the house that we did visit) so that we could find out his  schedule and go home teaching with him. Turns out he lives really close...but we went and visited the other Sugiyama's house and only the wife was home so we shared a message with her on the doorstep. She was happy and surprised that we came. But it was a really good visit, even though we didn't mean to visit her. Haha! Solution: next time look at the first name!!!

        Then on Wednesday the big thing that happened was that we got to go visit the Uematsu family that we do mogi lessons with!! It was awesome and we were teaching tithing and so naturally the best way to teach that is to just throw candy at people. Because that is essentially tithing. But it was sad because we only are going to have 3 more lessons with them and then we have to drop them unless they have interest in the message.

        Then we got to do DKK (our weekly planning) on Thursday and it was a success! It didn't take all day long this time! It was about and hour and a half shorter than normal! Then we were going to have a lesson with someone before eikaiwa, but he ended up having to go to Yokohama. So that was just a little frustrating. Then we had Eikaiwa!!!

        On Friday, we had DTM and it was a special one! A whole other district came to ours! So we had about fourteen people here! Awesome! And I didn't have to translate because Elder McClellan (one of our zone leaders) was willing to do it! The reason they came was because right now the zone leaders are also the district leaders for one of our districts and we were going to having a koukan so the zone leaders had to come to us. So they thought it would just be easier to have everyone come here instead of figuring out what to do for them. But it was fun! And it was a good lesson about how we should be using PMG more. We learned a lot from each other about how we use it and what is
effective and what is not. Then Elder Hansen went with Elder Burns to Shizuoka and Elder McClellan came with me! So we went out to lunch! Yay! We had sushi and I learned something that I didn't know before! At Kappazushi (a sushi restaurant) if it has a pink plate, it has wasabi on it. If it have a yellow plate, it doesn't! Haha! I've never really gone to Kappazushi before. I always go to the other ones. And we had a great lesson with some less actives!

        Then on Saturday, we biked really far again! We went and visited the Itou family and shared a message with them! Then we were talking and we ended up asking them to pray with us and to tell us where they think we should go to find a new investigator. So Itou Shimai said that we should go to Mini Stop! Haha! Another Mini Stop! So we went and talked to everyone there and lo and behold!!! We found a new investigator! Miracle! And so then we got to tell them at church!

        Speaking of Church! There were so many people there. It was a baptism day, one of the member's eight year old son got baptized. And also we had a shokujikai for a couple that recently got married. So there were a ton of people there! And an Elder that served here about six years ago came a visited with his family! Haha! And Uchimura Shimai, a sister that just finished her mission in this area, came!  So church was really good! We had a good time! And the baptism was great!

        Well anyway this week was on fire, we started really working hard to help the member's faith to grow and to help them do member missionary work. We were worried at the first that we wouldn't have enough time to find new investigators and it was not good because at the beginning of the week we dropped a lot of people. But since we did what we were told and worked with the members, by the end of the week we found six new, solid investigators. We were amazed because pretty much any time we went finding, we found someone. And now the members are going to invite people too, so this ward is going to get huge!

        That's about it for my weekly rant, I hope you've enjoyed it. Peace out to you my homies! Go eat some good sushi!

Sister, Elder Richardson Brother for President! Bwahahaha

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